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Favorites Allure (2017)

Allure (2017) HD
Allure (2017)
Year, country:
Carlos Sanchez, Jason Sanchez
Evan Rachel Wood, Julia Sarah Stone, Denis O'Hare
1h 45min
Young, charming Laura can not at all find women's happiness, being in a constant search for true feelings. She is engaged in numerous, fruitless attempts to create a constant lover in order to establish a normal, stable, prosperous existence, characteristic of the vast majority of her contemporaries. And as a result, we had to survive a large number of unsuccessful attempts to personalize our lives. The main protagonist of the "Charm" drama movie in 2017 was online to have plenty of sexual partners, but relationships ended too fast without going beyond usual entertainment and satisfying the usual physical needs. At a certain point, young people, without any further explanation, broke up the romantic connection and went away irrevocably, without visible, objective, very serious reasons. Such inexplicable things repeated constantly, deriving from psycho-emotional balance. Laura did not understand why she was being persecuted by the unceasing troubles associated with the search for a spiritually close person capable of sharing any impressions, incidents, achievements, or failures with her. She continues to hope to gain a sense of the fullness of her own feelings, so she does not stop searching for a good, reliable guy who wants to spend a few nights with her, but to relate fate forever. One day, fate makes an unexpected turn, having organized a casual, fateful meeting with a sixteen-year-old talented girl-pianist Eva. Getting acquainted with the charming stranger overturns the usual perception of the world, adds bright colors to a joyless and gloomy lonely existence. She can not fully grasp the causes that cause inexplicable enthusiasm for the young musician.