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Favorites The Way We Weren't (2019)

The Way We Weren't (2019) HD
The Way We Weren't (2019)
Year, country:
Rick Hays
Fiona Gubelmann, Ben Lawson, Tobin Bell
1h 33min
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 The incorrigible bachelor Brandon had 50 girls in the last 10 years, but he could not find one single one. He reckoned that he had found happiness with blonde Ashley, since she largely made concessions to him. At a certain moment, the man found her in bed with her lover, and everything became clear to him. Being an avid cyclist, he took out all the anger through sports training, preparing for the upcoming world tour.

Charlotte's little gray mouse has been in a relationship with school love Stephen for a long 14 years. During this time, they managed to graduate from college, defend a thesis and succeed in the professional field. The guy gave her as many as 3 pre-wedding rings, but he did not dare to call her in marriage. He was wary of the predictability of the girl in all spheres of life, and he finally had the courage to break with her. He told her this during the pedestrian tourist route through the mountains, for which he paid with his health. In a fit of anger, the woman pushed him off a steep slope and was sentenced to a month in prison and community service.

When the insidious fate brought the two unlucky people together, they had the last opportunity to establish a personal life. Completely dissimilar, Charlotte and Brandon were ready to go all out for the sake of family happiness.
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