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Favorites Blood & Oil (2019)

Blood & Oil (2019) HD
Blood & Oil (2019)
Year, country:
Curtis Graham
Michael Douglas Cake, Richard Mofe-Damijo
1h 33min
The action takes place on the territory of a small town called Williston. It is located in the United States, somewhere in North Dakota. Until recently, in this place, people could enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. Life in the city was quiet and calm, so everyone could feel comfortable. However, soon the ordinary life gradually began to turn into a real nightmare. The reason for this was the discovery of an oil field. It turned out that in this place a huge accumulation of this valuable resource, so it immediately became known over large areas. Young people, hungry for big money, immediately began to accumulate in the area of the field.

All these people tried to somehow change their lives for the better, but they still did not know what to expect in the future. Everything turned out to be not as simple as we would like, so they all faced great trouble. The focus is on a young couple - Billy and Cody, who have long been together. Once they also decided to take part in oil production in order to improve their financial situation. If they only knew what they would have to face, they would never have agreed to this proposal. Now they risk losing not only what they have, but losing their strong marriage forever. Free full best movie Blood & Oil (2019) online in FreeMovies4k.org
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