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Peel (2019) HD
Peel (2019)
Year, country:
Rafael Monserrate
Emile Hirsch, Jack Kesy, Shiloh Fernandez
1h 41min
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 When Peel (Emile Hirsch) was five years old, his father abandoned him, and since then he has been at the mercy of his mother, who has tried her best to protect her son from the outside world. All these years, a man grew up in complete isolation, submitting to the will of a crazy mother who manifests her love in such a strange way. She dies unexpectedly, and Peer, who managed to celebrate her thirty years, is left alone. A man who is absolutely not adapted to life in society turns out to be in private with a frightening reality - now he faces a difficult choice, because the world outside the house is completely unfamiliar to him.
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