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Rattlesnakes (2019) HD
Rattlesnakes (2019)
Year, country:
Julius Amedume
Jimmy Jean-Louis, Jack Coleman, Kathleen McClellan
1h 25min
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 McQueen (Jimmy Jean-Louis) is a young man who could not even imagine what tests await him ahead. On an ordinary day, he was attacked by three masked men who kidnapped him. When asked what they need from him, strangers answered that he was sleeping with their wives. McQueen was shocked by such a statement because he knew that he had no connection with these women. However, the abductors did not want to listen to him and stood their ground. They were driven by a desire for revenge, but before they killed the prisoner, they wanted him to suffer as long as possible. But do these people are only driven by jealousy? What exactly is the cause of such cruelty? ..
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