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Countdown to Zero (2010) HD
Countdown to Zero (2010)
Year, country:
Lucy Walker
Graham Allison, James Baker III, Bruce Blair
1h 29min
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The title of the Lucy Walker documentary, Counting To Zero, is a play of meanings. The countdown before the launch of the rocket, from which the most monstrous war would begin, and the countdown of the nuclear weapons being destroyed in the world is a measure, according to the authors and heroes of the film, that can prevent such a war. In her idea, Lucy Walker pushed off the famous speech of John F. Kennedy at the UN General Assembly in 1961. Then he said that with the advent of this weapon, "every man, woman and child lives under the nuclear sword of Damocles, suspended on the finest thread, which at any moment can be cut off by mistake, calculation error or insanity. We must destroy this weapon while it is did not destroy us. "
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