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Favorites Do I Love You? (2002)

Do I Love You? (2002) HD
Do I Love You? (2002)
Year, country:
Lisa Gornick
Harri Alexander, Birgitta Bernhard, Darren Black
1h 13min
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The authors of the film “Do I Love You?” Offer viewers to immerse themselves in a romantic melodrama about a woman who, struggling with her feelings, emotions and impressions, is trying to find herself, simultaneously building or destroying relationships with the people around her.
In the very center of the plot is a lesbian Marina, who, reflecting on her relationship with her friend, can not understand what awaits her further. The main character suffers from the question of whether she really loves her girlfriend or has their relationship become a habit that helps to fight against the feeling of loneliness? Everything around her seems superficial and gray, and the question itself becomes a reaction to the relationship.
Soon the number of questions increases, and the answers never come. Continuing to think about the sore topics, she walks around the district and conducts research, meeting with other people, hoping to better understand their desires. In parallel, the journalist asks similar questions, hoping to get an answer at a different level of understanding.
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