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Here comes the Grump (2018) HD
Here comes the Grump (2018)
Year, country:
Andrés Couturier
Toby Kebbell, Lily Collins, Keith Wickham
1h 37min
Here Comes the Grump 2018 watch the full movie online. One day, Terry Dexter is convinced that grandma's tales are real. There is a country where a balloon is parked at each window, and this is the only means of transportation. Dragons - good-natured, but blunt, try to become ministers of the rule of law, but do not always cope. Wizards live an ordinary life, preserving their home comfort. They are completely happy and do not intend to intervene in the fight against evil forces. Other worlds exist, but this is not as cute as it may seem.
The little grumpy sorcerer has cast a curse of darkness, and the boy must help the princess to save the kingdom of dawn. They need to find the Cave of the Whispering Orchids, in which is hidden a crystal key capable of warding off trouble. A pair of brave souls, riding the dragon Dingo goes on a long journey. In the same company, true Beep is a dog-like creature, with the scent on the keys, the ability to move, turning inside out, and a strange way of communication. The villain goes after, the heroes are forced to change the route to confuse the tracks. Ahead - the mountain ranges of Swiss cheeses and meetings with strange characters.
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