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Favorites The Art of Travel (2008)

The Art of Travel (2008) HD
The Art of Travel (2008)
Year, country:
Thomas Whelan
Christopher Masterson, Brooke Burns, Johnny Messner
1h 40min
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The young boy Connor Lane fell in love with beautiful Kate. His parents did not like the chosen one. Sister Christina generally called this girl a bitch. And only to her brother Treavis she liked it. As told in the film “The Art of Traveling,” Connor accidentally caught his bride with a relative. It was immediately clear that intimate relations between them. He did it imperceptibly and the guy decided not to advertise treason. Only at the engagement ceremony did he show incriminating photographs to everyone.
Most of his family were delighted that he broke off his relationship with this vulgar girl. Connor was somewhat disappointed in his life. The guy decided to go on a long journey through Central America. Here he wants to visit little-known corners of our planet. Darlene and Christopher Lorena, Taylor, Justin, Carlos, Anna and others become partners in this journey with him. They find abandoned cities and unusually beautiful salt lakes. Traveling with this is quite difficult, because you need to go through a very dangerous jungle.
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