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A Shot at Glory (2000) HD
A Shot at Glory (2000)
Year, country:
Michael Corrente
Robert Duvall, Michael Keaton, Andy Gray
1h 54min
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The film begins with a priest’s funeral speech on a football field, on which the ashes of a deceased football player are poured, and the subject of football and the Scotsmen will be discussed. Gordon, manager of the small Scottish town of Kilnocki, (Duvoll) is against buying a new, “old” footballer Jackie McCillan (he has already played Kilnoki), and Peter (Keaton), the new American team owner, wants to transfer the team to Dublin. The team was based in Kilnoki for a hundred years, and Gordon does not even want to think about translation. So Gordon has to solve a whole bunch of problems: to establish "order" in his own family, to establish relationships with the new team owner and try to achieve the impossible - to win the national cup.