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Favorites As Far as the Eye Can See (2016)

As Far as the Eye Can See (2016) HD
As Far as the Eye Can See (2016)
Year, country:
David Franklin
Jason London, Luci Christian, Danny Mora
1h 28min
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Jack Ridge is a former child prodigy who lives on a farm that he launched and does not process. He arranges unpaid bills in a pile. Also, he received a notice of divorce. He lives in the past, but the future is his. This directing debut of David Franklin is a meditative past and continuation of the family heritage associated with the once popular, but still talented pianist. Jack hides in a farmhouse in Texas, formerly owned by his grandfather, and passed down from generation to generation. He bruised his fist when he received the document from the faithful.

In a secluded spot on the outskirts of the city, a short drive from his farm, a local pianists competition is announced (which Jack once famously won, promoting his status as a child prodigy. But obviously still escaping from increasing popularity with unrealized potential). Competition announced solely for his sake. The viewer observes a mild, existential crisis. A local celebrity walks with a bandage and puts ice on her arm. We can safely say that the presentation on Saturday will bring the guy physical pain, as well as in mental agony. Despite Jack’s respect among the inhabitants of the city, he is warmly perceived as a friend above all. He is not worshiped as an idol. This is important for the purpose of the film, to provide a really soothing atmosphere. People are interested in his career and future. In the role of an auxiliary character is a Mexican man who takes piano lessons from Jack. There is a young teenage girl who also has musical ambitions. She offers care for the hero’s unguarded garden. The hostess of the diner, which continues to demonstrate the preserved piece of blueberry pie. He won the competition for a decent seven years in a row. Also, the viewer will meet with his wife Jack (they participate in several scenes together, without explaining why the couple broke up. This information is not so important in the film). In general, this is a simple, peaceful, sketchy movie. The darkness that darkens the life of Jack needs more study, as it’s easier to root for someone’s future with a deeper understanding of the origin of the problem.