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A Deadly Romance (2019) HD
A Deadly Romance (2019)
Year, country:
Colin Edward Lawrence
Jennifer Taylor, Laurie Fortier, Al Sapienza
Despite all its appeal, the heroine of this thriller turned out to be a woman of difficult fate. Her happy family life seems to have collapsed overnight. Her adorable husband simply left her, leaving her with a child in her arms and completely without money. Deciding not to give up, she struggles to ensure herself and the child a normal life. She does not refuse even the most prestigious work. And once decides to completely change the situation, moving away from the noisy metropolis and settling in a small provincial town.
And everything begins to take shape as well as possible. She meets a man of her dreams. This gallant cavalier makes an indelible impression on her. He cares for her like a queen and completely enchants her. But in the life of fairy tales does not happen. And soon she begins to suspect that this man is not so perfect. Even more ... She has fears that he is not really who he claims to be ... He has some secret that she really wants to know ... Watch full movie A Deadly Romance (2019) online for free on FreeMovies4K.org
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