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Patient 001 (2018) HD
Patient 001 (2018)
Year, country:
Katie Fleischer
Rosie Fellner, Michael Hayden, Noah Fleiss
1h 27min
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 A fantastic drama horror about an unhappy woman whose husband got into a catastrophe and was in a coma. It would seem that life is over, because it is not known when a loved one wakes up, and she would still like to live a normal life, be like a woman, have a baby and raise children. After carefully considering the situation, she decides to take a desperate step - cloning her husband and having a clone child. There is a possibility that the procedure will not go as it should, perhaps the fetus will be affected by the disease, but this may work, and it looks like this is the last chance for a poor failed mother. When, finally, everything goes well, the husband wakes up from a long, unintended sleep, as if the child woke him up, a true karmic set of circumstances. Now this person, this patient 001, is as if he will be born again, having acquired an unusual ability to see unusual visions.
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