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Favorites Soul Hunters (2019)

Soul Hunters (2019) HD
Soul Hunters (2019)
Year, country:
Adrian Acevedo-Smith, Arturo Acevedo-Smith
Zach Scheerer, Franziska Schissler, David Josh Lawrence
1h 41min
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 In the recent past, he was a professional soldier and an employee of an elite special forces squad. However, for certain reasons, he had to leave the ranks of the special forces. The first time he spends looking for a new job, but all his attempts are in vain. Suddenly, the devil is declared to him and offers the special forces to become a soul hunter. The former warrior agrees to the proposal of the demon and immediately begins to hunt for the souls of unwanted and criminals. Suddenly he becomes aware that his former colleague has become a serial killer. His next goal becomes the Soul Hunter, with whom they once worked together.
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