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Favorites Karma (2018)

Karma (2018) HD
Karma (2018)
Year, country:
Nick Simon
Mandela Van Peebles, Brytni Sarpy, Kanoa Goo
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 For several months, Manny has been plagued by constant setbacks and financial difficulties. His wife offers him a high-paying job in his father’s company. Without thinking, the guy agrees, and becomes a bailiff who must evict debtors from their homes and seize their property in favor of the banks. One day, the hero of the horror film "Karma" comes to the next defaulter and recognizes his old friend. Manny is trying to talk with the boss and postpone the forced eviction, because his friend lives with his paralyzed mother. But, the father-in-law explains to his new employee that the guy himself is to blame for his problems, and that he should not be delayed with the fulfillment of the court order. The hero acts as demanded by the law and throws out his friend and his sick mother from their home. Then the sick woman curses the servant of the law and promises him terrible torment. After some time, the terrible prophecy begins to come true. Manny begins to pursue a creature from the underworld, which intends to tear to pieces his soul ...
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