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Favorites The Axiom (2018)

The Axiom (2018) HD
The Axiom (2018)
Year, country:
Nicholas Woods
Hattie Smith, Zac Titus, Nicole Dambro
1h 38min
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A few days ago, Merelin went on a hike to Cinder National Park and went missing. A week later, as the girl did not get in touch with relatives, her sister McKenzie was very worried. She sent through the Internet an announcement of the disappearance, counting on the response of caring people. By luck, a certain Leonard came across her letter, owning a small cafe not far from that place. He offered to visit him, where a woman could get all the necessary information. The main character takes along her brother and three other best friends, driving a car along a forest road.
Reaching the necessary place, McKenzie met with the owner of the eatery, which excited her with an unusual strange look and behavior. The man insisted that the unfortunate landed in the portal "Axiom", leading to a parallel dimension and marked it on the map. He equipped the guest with special equipment and blessed him on a good journey, while he himself was afraid to approach the ill-starred place like a fire. Thanking for the assistance, the woman made friends up to date and explained that in order to save Merelin, they all would have to make the transition between the worlds where they were in mortal danger.
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