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Purgatory Road (2017) HD
Purgatory Road (2017)
Year, country:
Mark Savage
Gary Cairns, Luke Albright, Trista Robinson
1h 38min
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Australian writer / director Mark Savage has a history in this genre, which dates back to the 1986 marauders, although he did not succeed until Sensitive New Age Killers in 2000. name outside of their homeland. Purgatory Road can be a movie to change this.

Father Vincent and Michael was a porn writer with such names as "pigtail Pervert". He also obviously did not like banks and kept all his money on his desk. Thus, the robbery witnessed by the young Vincent deprives the family of need. So destitute that dad kills mom and puts a gun to his head, even as two boys enter his office.
Now Vincent (Gary Cairns, Daylight's End) is the priest, and Michael (Passke Luke Albright The Devil) is his assistant. They offer redemption to sinners. Those who sin are theft, they get a special deal. Redemption through pain and an accelerated meeting with God.

After the prologue in the first scenes of the film, Vincent kills a couple who plans to investigate the death of her daughter, who was last seen on the way to talk to him. This sets the tone for the rest of the film, cruel, but beautifully filmed violence. And there is a lot of violence here, thanks to some of the excellent practical effects of Marcus Koch.

But, fortunately, this is not just another empty festival. The script is intelligent and weaves a pretty convincing story. Killing Vincent to thieves makes sense; it is not just a plot. And when Mary Francis is added to this mix, it becomes obvious that the climax will come very badly. Unlike many other “extreme” films, “Purgatory” has interesting and well-developed characters, where in the end it matters. And believe me, it ends somewhere that you do not expect.
Andrew Jannetta's great camera work also takes the film a few steps up. Considering that his resume is full of films, such as several sequels of Sharknado, some of the frames he makes are amazingly brilliant.
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