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Depth Perception (2017) HD
Depth Perception (2017)
Year, country:
Christopher Murphy, Justin Taylor Smith
Bryan Fox, Travis Rice, Austen Sweetin
1h 3min
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 2017 there will be a premiere of the new film of the legendary snowboarder, which is recognized as the best in the history of this sport. Quiksilver is proud to present Depth Perception - the new brainchild of Travis Rice, in which, in addition to the maestro himself, you can see the incredible skating of his teammates, Brian Fox, Austin Sweetina and the Roxy snowboarder team Robin Van Jean.

In the midst of winter, the boundless mountains of British Columbia give the world some of the best places to ski, and at every turn, new amazing phenomena of wildlife open up.
Filmed in an amazing natural area, which is considered to be the world's most remote rainforest in the world, the project Depth Perception returns to the origins of snowboarding and shows the links between nature and riders.

In style, Depth Perception resembles the films of Wes Anderson and is unlike any other snowboarding project. He looks deep into the essence of snowboarding and is ahead of time. We will see what led Travis, Austin, Robin, and Brian to who they are now, and find out how the cosmic nature of the British
The project is presented by Quiksilver, Rubble Films and Helio Collective and filmed in the CMH Galena area. Especially for the film Depth Perception composers Hannah Holbrook and Kishi Bashi wrote an extremely unusual soundtrack.
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