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Favorites Three (2005)

Three (2005) HD
Three (2005)
Year, country:
Stewart Raffill
Billy Zane, Kelly Brook, Juan Pablo Di Pace
1h 35min
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 Finally this moment came, which the newlyweds Jack and Jennifer waited for a very long time. They went to their honeymoon. Since the financial condition of the groom made it possible to fulfill any desires, they decided to spend their most unforgettable days on a luxury yacht away from everyone. Just a few days after the honeymoon began, their ship crashed. Only the newlyweds and the sailor, whose name was Manuel, survived. They were lucky to get to the nearest island, which was located hundreds of kilometers from any civilization.

No one needs Jack's money here, and Manuel becomes the earner, who is adapted to life in extreme conditions. Sailor conquered Jennifer with his courage and courage, which he showed, caring for them. From this point on, a new passion arose between them. Seeing this, Jack became incredibly jealous and his cruelty knew no bounds. From that moment on, there was a real war between men for the only woman on this island, because perhaps there will never be others again.
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