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Favorites Crash (1996)

Crash (1996) HD
Crash (1996)
Year, country:
David Cronenberg
James Spader, Holly Hunter, Elias Koteas
1h 40min
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 James Ballard is a film producer who has long lost touch with his wife Catherine. One night he returns home by car and collides with another car. Behind the wheel was Dr. Helen Remington, and her husband, who was sitting in the passenger seat, is killed. At the hospital, James again encounters Helen, and also meets a certain Vaughan, who shows an increased interest in the apparatus, which fixed the broken bones of Ballard and photographed him. Soon, a passionate romance begins with James and Helen, which is fueled by a joint car accident. Ballard even becomes a follower of Vaughan, for whom cars are a sexual fetish, which after some time leads to a real madness ...
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