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Ryde or Die (2018) HD
Ryde or Die (2018)
Year, country:
Elgin Cahill
Joe Bocian, Ron Burkhardt, Stevan Carson
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 Losing a good job can get you off track. If a person is lonely, he can still suffer, suffering hardships and restrictions, and if there is a family, then you have to look for a replacement for a workplace. A young man, on whose shoulders care was laid for the child and his wife is forced to get a job as a taxi driver. He does not feel much pleasure from such a perspective. But his work is not only of little interest, but also terribly dangerous, because anyone can be in the passenger seat. So one night, when the taxi driver was working, a man in his car who is prone to brutal murder sits in his car. In addition, he has a certain perverse idea of moral values.
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