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Favorites A Friend's Obsession (2018)

A Friend's Obsession (2018) HD
A Friend's Obsession (2018)
Year, country:
Craig Goldstein
Karissa Lee Staples, Kayla Ewell, Drew Seeley
1h 24min
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 The action of the film "A Friend's Obsession" takes place at the moment when Megan finds out about the murder of her lover. Being in a depressed state, she realizes that she cannot remain in her native lands. For this reason, Megan decides to go to another city to try to start life from scratch. Soon she finds herself at the other end of the country.

Megan settles his life and gradually returns to normal. She gets a job and restores the relationship with her sister. She manages to make friends with colleagues and even find new friends among them. In addition, she pays attention to Lloyd, working with her in one department. He admires Megan's strength of will because she was able to recover from the death of her fiancé. Lloyd wants to get the girl's heart and therefore turns to his mother for advice. She gives him many recommendations that will help him win the location of Megan. But the problem is that Lloyd is an introvert and it is incredibly difficult for him to communicate with people. But he soon manages to become Megan's friend.
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