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Favorites The Hard Way (2019)

The Hard Way (2019)
Year, country:
Keoni Waxman
Michael Jai White, Luke Goss, Randy Couture
1h 32min
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 The hero of the film devoted most of his life to the service of his native state. He had to go to hot spots many times and there he was able to show his courage and bravery. Now, for him, war has ceased to be a reason for existence. He decides to retire and then goes to a citizen, where he plans to start a completely new and peaceful life. Only soon a terrible tragedy occurs and the hero of the film will again be forced to recall his past. He needs it in order to apply his deadly skills. It all starts from the moment a man finds out that his brother was sent to Romania to fulfill a particularly important mission. But everything went completely differently, as many had hoped for, and as a result, the task turned out to be not only failed, but it was also fatal. A relative could not stay away from what happened, he decided to bring the case to the end and most importantly take revenge on those people who dared to take the life of a loved one. On the way, he begins to receive answers to the questions that interested him most. He finds allies and together with them proceeds to perform the operation. The brave soldier could not even assume that this mission would be accomplished quite difficultly and on his way he would be forced to face serious obstacles.
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