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Favorites Galaxy Lords (2018)

Galaxy Lords (2018) HD
Galaxy Lords (2018)
Year, country:
Von Bilka
Dan Underhill, Zachary Hart Baker, Von Bilka
1h 36min
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 Fantastic film made in the USA. The picture tells us about the struggle of the legendary defenders of the Universe, a squad of superheroes who call themselves the Lords of the Galaxy. This time, the fate of all mankind and various alien life forms depends on their intervention.

Events occur in the vast galaxy in the far-distant future. The fate of the kingdom, which was created by the merger of 7 different galaxies, is now under threat. In the open spaces of outer space, various dangers arose more than once, but this time evil appeared in the world in the form of the evil Prince Adorastius. This villain was once caught and imprisoned in the most remote corner of the cosmos. But by various tricks the evil lord managed to deceive his guards and escaped from his prison. Now nothing can prevent his insidious designs, he is sure of that.

Could the fate of the Kingdom of Seven Galaxies lie in the balance now? So it is, at least until the Lords of the Galaxy intervene in the game. Only they can fight back the dark prince and defeat the global evil in their sector. Watch the adventures of these brave heroes, and you will not remain indifferent. As you know, good always comes out victorious, and evil will be properly punished. These characters are ready to prove these common truths in practice. Now no one and nothing will stand in their way. They have no right to make mistakes.
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