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Favorites Dirty Dealing 3D (2018)

Dirty Dealing 3D (2018) HD
Dirty Dealing 3D (2018)
Year, country:
Christopher Robin Hood
Michael Madsen, Frida Farrell, Ariana Madix
1h 30min
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 Every Friday evening, the girls from Sin Pit Casino are the most delicious in the area, they are lured to play poker, they make eyes and sit on their knees in one of the most lively Vegas venues. Visitors love them. One of the favorites - beauty Cora, a single mother, adores her nine-year-old child Josh. When he is diagnosed with blood cancer, Cora is very upset. She learns that the required experimental procedures cannot be covered by health insurance. Pretty women go to the boss, owner Dean Balding, to ask the insurance company to pay for the boy. Ignoring the assurances of help, the rich does not pay anything, but only speaks rudely about the patient and his mother. Girlfriends girls collect funds for the guy. But to achieve the goal it is necessary to collect more than two hundred thousand dollars. This is a very heavy amount for the team.

One of the dealers, a party girl named Aero, offers a wild idea to collect the money they need. They turn to Dean again, this time asking him to let them make and sell Playboy-style sex calendars to raise funds for the upcoming pajama party. Since he is not asked to invest, and he finds himself in a difficult situation, he agrees to let the ladies try to promote their product at a big event. A couple of days before the start of the party, Dean first looks at the posters and connects the fundraiser, saying that the photos are “too sexy” and may adversely affect advertising or lead to problems with the state property commission. All those close to Dean call on him to reconsider, but he is unmoved. The fact that a child’s life hangs in the balance doesn’t seem to bother him at all. In desperation and depression, Cora and her friends decide that there is only one option left - to steal the money they need to save the boy's life. Ladies carefully plan to steal money from Rapture casino Dina Belding. A big weekend is coming, and a complex robbery is introduced into the game. Possible arrest does not scare them, because the child's life hangs in the balance. Unbeknownst to others, one of the girls hides information, and one of the people hired to assist is not who he seems. In fact, he works directly for Dean, but where his loyalty is, one can only guess ...
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