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Favorites The Maestro (2018)

The Maestro (2018) HD
The Maestro (2018)
Year, country:
Adam Cushman
Mackenzie Astin, Sarah Clarke, Xander Berkeley
1h 34min
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 Jerry Hearst is a professional composer, just starting out in the world of classical music. He has great ambitions, intending to achieve significant success in the chosen field. He can not wait to provide art lovers living in different parts of the world, their works created under the influence of great inspiration. An ambitious musician does not doubt the presence of unsurpassed talent, which you must certainly show to the whole world in order to gain universal acceptance and enter history among other great, brilliant people of our time. For the realization of grandiose intentions, the young writer after the end of World War II hastily moves from his native places, heading to the well-known, promising and diverse Hollywood, promising a great future for goal-oriented people. In fact, Jerry came to Hollywood without being seduced by the city's perspectives; he was attracted here by the opportunity to meet with the great maestro Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco and to cooperate with him. An experienced mentor is considered an unsurpassed master pianist and a unique composer, of Jewish origin, who fled from the persecution of the Nazis in America. The fate of the Italian-American musician is very difficult to take shape, he had to endure the hardest tragedies. The suffering suffered reflected in the creative works of the brilliant author, who managed to convey to the audience the true meaning of his works. Hurst considers it a great success to learn from such a mentor. He tries to feel the wonderful atmosphere surrounding the middle-aged, talented pianist.