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Favorites Breaking & Exiting (2018)

Breaking & Exiting (2018) HD
Breaking & Exiting (2018)
Year, country:
Peter Facinelli
Milo Gibson, Jordan Hinson, Adam Huber
1h 18min
In the center of the plot, a real adventurer and a creep named Harry. Trying to earn easy money, the man became a burglar thief, as a rule he chooses the richest houses of the neighboring district. The guy penetrates them and working very quickly searches all the rooms, taking the most valuable things that can be done very quickly, and most importantly, they can be easily sold without causing unnecessary suspicion. As a rule, Harry goes to deal with his creepy cousin, who often makes mistakes and thus puts them at great risk. However, the guy understands that it is very dangerous for one to go to the business, and therefore he is forced to put up with the presence of a wasteful relative who tries to spoil everything constantly.
  But one day, having spotted another house, he again decides to go to work, but when he learns that his cousin is drunk, he decides to take the first risk and is poisoned by a robbery alone. At first, everything goes smoothly, Harry manages to easily turn off the security system at home, and get inside the room. The guy very quickly begins to collect valuables, intending to leave the house in just a few minutes. However, already in the bathroom, he meets the hostess and realizes that she decided to end her life, and swallowed pills. A guy who has a kind heart in his heart decides to help her, and calls an ambulance, thereby saving her life. Over time, Harry begins to visit his new friend whom he saved, a girl named Daisy, and they even begin to make romance. Watch full movie Breaking & Exiting (2018) online for free on FreeMovies4K.org
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