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Favorites An Affair to Die For (2019)

An Affair to Die For (2019)
Year, country:
Víctor García
Claire Forlani, Jake Abel, Titus Welliver
1h 22min
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Love couple on a secret date. A man cheats on his wife. A woman is cheating on her husband. Lovers are in a hurry to indulge in sweet delights, not even suspecting that a third person is already involved in their dangerous game on how to change the second half, have fun and deftly hide their deception. It won't take long, and suddenly the evening will quickly turn into a total nightmare from which you cannot escape, you can't hide and you have to fight hard to survive the next twelve hours of hell.
A middle-aged woman, Holly, arrives at a country hotel, where she has an appointment with Everett. It is immediately clear that the adulterous adventure does not occur for the first time, and sly traitors told their rightful spouses traditional folding stories to spend the night away from the family bed in the hot embraces of secret lovers. Holly enters the room of the hotel, ordered in the name of a boyfriend. The guest is waiting for a luxurious bouquet of flowers on the table, and on the bed is sexy lingerie, eye patch and handcuffs - a full erotic ammunition to meet her lover fully armed. The lady is burning from the love spell, trying on gifts for her still very attractive body and is looking forward to the arrival of the night guest, who has lingered for a suspiciously long time, which has never happened to him before. Listen, and nothing bad happened to him, eh? Perhaps someone ominous, stern and seriously determined to spoil the date for the doves, has already tied him hand and foot?
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