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Favorites Rock Steady Row (2018)

Rock Steady Row (2018) HD
Rock Steady Row (2018)
Year, country:
Trevor Stevens
Riley Geis, Logan Huffman, Heston Horwin
1h 17min
Summary of the film "Rock Steady Row":
In the center of the storyline of the American drama “Main in the Rock Steady Row” (Rock Steady Row) turbulent university life. The campus is ruled by real chaos, where local fraternities terrorize students. The last straw is the case of a bike theft from one of the students. Freshman Dean dared to fight for justice and rebel against the fraternities. A terrible battle is raging, akin to the present apocalypse. But bandits are not giving up and fools just to catch Dean. The guy will have to thoroughly sweat to eradicate chaos within the walls of the school. Rock Steady Row (2018) Watch full movie online free on FreeMovies4K.org