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Favorites Then Came You (2018)

Then Came You (2018) HD
Then Came You (2018)
Year, country:
Peter Hutchings
Asa Butterfield, Nina Dobrev, Maisie Williams
1h 37min
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The story of Calvin, told in the film "Then Came You (2018)", is really strange. The fact is that he has been afraid of getting sick with something all his life, and this fear is a consequence of the illness with which he is already suffering - hypochondria. He constantly goes to the doctors only to find out that everything is all right with him. The guy dropped out of college and began to work in the same place where his father and brother were at the airport, performing duties as a loader. True, Calvin loves his job, albeit for a strange reason: there he can see stewardess Izzy, with whom he is in love.

A young man regularly visits a psychotherapist who offers him an unusual way of getting rid of hypochondria - to attend several group sessions for people with cancer. There Calvin meets Sky, who, despite his age, will soon die. The girl made a whole list of death wishes, and Calvin should help her with their execution. Instead, Skye is trying to help the guy win the heart of an impregnable flight attendant. How will their story end?
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