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Favorites Problem Child 2 (1991)

Problem Child 2 (1991) HD
Problem Child 2 (1991)
Year, country:
Brian Levant
John Ritter, Michael Oliver, Jack Warden
1h 30min
   Junior Healy, although he was an impossible and unbearable child, but his adoptive father tried to endure all his antics, while holding back his anger, because, no matter how difficult the junior was, he was still small. After the first part, the situation in the Junior family has changed. He and his father moved to the quarter, which was just “teeming” with single ladies. After moving Healy Sr. becomes the object of these hungry predators. Not much time had passed since he contacted one of them, who could not bear Junior. In response, the boy brings his girlfriend, who is just as different in his “exemplary” behavior as he himself ...
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