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Favorites Problem Child (1990)

Problem Child (1990)
Year, country:
Dennis Dugan
Michael Oliver, John Ritter, Jack Warden
1h 21min
  This is a fun fascinating story of a seven-year-old boy Junior and his new family. Spouses Healy, Ben and Flo, appealed to an adoption agent to help find a child for their family. Only the goals of the spouses are different. Ben really wants to become a father, he lacks this, and for his wife Flo, this is an opportunity to enter all circles of high society, to become his full member. She watched with envy how in the mornings the neighbors lead the children to school, and on weekends they arrange family picnics. Until now, she did not have common topics for talking with those families that already have children. At the same time, the nuns of the Catholic shelter in which Junior was raised do not know how to get rid of him quickly. Only one boy turned their lives into hell. So when Junior took the Healey family to her, they thanked God for that. A smiling, intelligent boy from the first days turns the life of the Healy family, grandfather of Big Ben, who owns a sporting goods supermarket, and all his neighbors upside down. Therefore, the couple decide to return the boy to the shelter. But having learned that he will be the thirty first who brought the boy back, Ben regrets Junior and, contrary to the demands of Flo and Big Ben, leaves the boy. Even during his stay at the orphanage, Martin Beck, nicknamed "The Killer in the Butterfly", became the idol of Junior. The boy imitates him in everything. Therefore, when he appears in the house of Khilov, Junoir presents him to his uncle. Ahead of the boy and Ben, many adventures and funny situations that will help them understand that they need each other. Problem Child (1990) Watch full movies online free on FreeMovies4K.org
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