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Favorites Milk and Honey: The Movie (2018)

Milk and Honey: The Movie (2018) HD
Milk and Honey: The Movie (2018)
Year, country:
Matt Gambell
Mark Wingett, Claire King, Rachel Bright
1h 42min
The King of Crime (Milk and Honey) online” is a crime drama that many viewers have already managed to evaluate and recommend to watch it to those who have not yet seen the film project. This man is a man of a great mind, but he spends his potential far from good undertakings and deeds. His goal has always been wealth and a quiet life, so he used his intellect so as to secure such a comfortable and peaceful existence. Managed to achieve this through cybercrime. That is, he planned “electronic” robberies and skillfully committed them. And it all lasted a long time, so that the character began to think that he would always walk away from the hands of lawyers and continue to do unkind things. But it turns out that once he realized his next project in such a way that he seriously crossed the road to terrible enemies. And now, having understood who did all this, they decided to find him and take his life. A super-battle begins for who will be the winner of such a battle. He must say right away that this will be a terrible battle, with heightened risks and bloody victims.
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