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Favorites Blood Bound (2019)

Blood Bound (2019) HD
Blood Bound (2019)
Year, country:
Richard LeMay
Eden Brolin, Rosa Arredondo, Timothy Hughes
1h 36min
  In the center of the story in this new horror film is a coven, regularly gathering for one ancient ritual. Every twenty-five years, several powerful witches perform a ritual of human sacrifice. If they make a mistake at least once, their existence will end. It is believed that you need to sacrifice one of the members of their family, who are carefully selected according to a set of well-defined canons and rules. One way or another, serious discrepancies arise between the heroes of the film, because it’s not so easy to sacrifice someone who is related to you ... Blood Bound (2019) Watch full movies online free on FreeMovies4K.org.
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