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Doom Room (2019) HD
Doom Room (2019)
Year, country:
Jon Keeyes
Nicholas Ball, Claire Jared, Carl Kirshner
1h 32min
   The girl woke up in a small room, what is happening, the unfortunate does not know, she is like in a drunken mindlessness. Open the locked doors with a jerk did not work, the picture "Room of Perdition" will show what will be the actions of the prisoner. Heart hard, anxiety does not give rest, the heroine strenuously struggles to break free, but the locks do not allow to make a step to the will. How many girls have to kill here days and nights, why was she locked in a strange room? Suddenly, shadows appear nearby, the prisoner does not understand, maybe a weak eye, gives such visions, why from fear she turned into a decrepit old woman who has gone mad.
   The curvature of doubt gradually straightened up, individuals appeared side by side, but they didn’t understand how badly they went through the walls. Really uninvited guests will seize her and begin to torment, which is achieved by the workers of darkness. Reason is looking for answers, but the memory vessel is empty, the past is forgotten forever, unfortunately there is no connection with the present. The captive will have to undergo severe trials, it is necessary to understand the origin of the visited objects, then perhaps there will be a faint hope of leaving the unattractive room. What is happening is like a shapeless dream that the person did not do in such a way that she found herself in alienation. The cramped gadget dreams of liberation, longs for space, but the alien crowd makes it difficult to achieve results. Watch free movie Doom Room (2019) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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