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Lady-Like (2018) HD
Lady-Like (2018)
Year, country:
Brent Craft
Stephanie Simbari, Allie Gallerani, Beverly D'Angelo
1h 22min
Young Christina is afraid of simple provincial joys. An obstinate person with the makings of an anarchist is a terrible student, but she dreams of conquering a prestigious university. The sonorous stage name helps the rebellious schoolgirl to comprehend their own internal throwing. Performances of the Lady Bird actress are impressive theatergoers, but only on samples. Prospects for such a strange actress no. Mother confirms vague guesses, daily emphasizing all the flaws of the daughter. It is difficult to imagine debaters for a confidential conversation, and constant squabbles bring relatives to apathy. The clash of strong characters turns upside down housework.
Despite the difficulties of establishing normal relations, the rebel loves mother's advice, enjoys the process of joint purchases. The only absurd intent of the girls is the secret intention to move to New York. Adoptive brother is going to curry favor with a dreamy sister, promises to accompany in all the adventurous antics, not thinking about punishment. The hour of a decisive escape to adventure is near. A daring fantasy venture will surely upset the mother, hurt friends, but the fulfillment of the cherished dream seems to be the leitmotif of all life, because the intriguer does not depart from the plan.
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