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Porndemic (2018) HD
Porndemic (2018)
Year, country:
Spookie Daly
Michael Louis Albo, Tom Byron, Mark Cromer
1h 32min
   Despite accepted moral standards, porn movies every year attract a huge number of viewers of all ages into their networks. First of all, this is because the forbidden fruit remains sweet, no matter what. Revenues from the porn industry amount to more than 13 billion dollars a year. With such a profit can not be compared even Hollywood! The industry of films for adults always remains in demand, despite all the financial crises. But, even taking into account the fact that it more than pays for all the pictures coming out, the directors and producers of films cannot avoid serious problems.

   Until 1998, the problem of incidence of sexually transmitted diseases of porn actors was carefully kept silent in the film world. But after the HIV diagnosis was discovered in a large number of well-paid porn stars, it was no longer possible to hide the problem. It was then that one of the actors urged porn directors to use a condom without fail when filming pornographic scenes. Since 1998, caring people and porn actors have picked up a terrible HIV campaign for a long time to preserve the health of people involved in adult films.  Porndemic (2018) Watch full movies online free | FreeMovies4K.org |
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