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Yardie (2018)
Year, country:
Idris Elba
Antwayne Eccleston, Fraser James, Aml Ameen
1h 41min
A black boy was born in Jamaica, just when a gang war broke out in the country that lasted several years. Already a teenager, the main character of the film “Yardie (2018)” saw without embellishment all the horrors of what was happening. In the criminal squabbles, young people were dying, dying in batches. In his quarter it was not safe, residents were afraid for their children and tried to fence them from showdowns. The Hadley family was unlucky, they did not save the eldest son.

The case left a bright imprint in the memory of the younger brother. Seen mother's grief shook the baby soul. Victor was still a child at that time, but already then he firmly decided to take revenge on the murderer. For many years he lived, carrying plans for revenge, and when he grew up, he began to act. The boy grows under the wing of Kingston Don and a music producer named King Fox. The Jamaican, under their auspices, became involved in the sale of drugs. One day, Fox sends a pupil to London to sell coke. There he is reunited with longtime beloved Yvonne and her daughter, whom he has not seen since childhood. The man also connects to a record company called High Noon.

But before he can convince himself to abandon his previous criminal life and follow the “righteous path”, the hero will meet a man who shot his brother 10 years ago and go on a bloody path. Yardie (2018) online free full movie stream in HD|FreeMovies4K.ORG|
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