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Saving Christmas (2017) HD
Saving Christmas (2017)
Year, country:
Tom DeNucci
Edward Asner, Brooke Langton, Patrick Muldoon
1h 28min
    On the eve of Christmas, real miracles happen, and every child is looking forward to Santa Claus. Everyone knows that a fabulous resident appears with a bag of gifts on a wonderful cart drawn by reindeer. Adults, and many children know why they invented a magic character, and only little Danny truly believes in Santa. The boy persistently seeks evidence of his existence and comes up with various ways to prove it to the others.
    Together with his friend Matthew, he develops ingenious electronic devices and connects all his imagination, coupled with scientific theories, but all turns out to be unsuccessful. To help children are called adults. Together, a small team begins a long and painstaking preparation for the whole city to witness a small, but a real miracle. When an old man in a red suit soars in the evening sky with gifts in a bag, even the most inveterate skeptics will be able to return to a happy and carefree childhood.
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