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Favorites Misery (1990) 16+

Misery (1990) 16+
Year, country:
Rob Reiner
James Caan, Kathy Bates, Richard Farnsworth
1h 47min
The feature film “Misery” is based on the novel by Stephen King and narrates the manic passion of a mentally unbalanced woman to the popular writer Paul Sheldon. As the author of the most popular best-selling books, Paul Sheldon has to travel a lot. One day he gets into a car accident on a snowy road somewhere in the highlands. Paul regains consciousness in the home of cute woman Annie Wilks, who is his biggest and most devoted fan. Annie saw the wrecked car, rescued the crippled writer and left it in her home. She cares in every way and cares about bedridden because of the fracture of both legs of the writer, but soon the excessive annoyance of the woman begins to annoy Paul. The mistress of the house in every way prevents the communication of Paul with the outside world. He begins to guess that Annie is not in herself and is not going to part with her beloved writer. The main task of Paul is not a new book, but rather to get out of this terrible place ...Watch full movie online Misery (1990)
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