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Favorites Palm Swings (2017)

Palm Swings (2017)
Year, country:
Sean Hoessli
Tia Carrere, Sugar Lyn Beard, Jason Lewis
1h 35min
Full movie: Palm Swings (2017) ”is a very nontrivial and at the same time famous American drama that has its admirers. Few people say that the picture is similar to what you could see earlier on the screens. It is peculiar, amazing, in a word, it is truly an author's film.

No room for sadness
The audience especially loved this picture for presenting true emotions; no one from the public will definitely be bored. This is a huge plus for any movie.

Interesting idea
The peculiarity and originality of this film project is, perhaps, that there is an unusual idea here. And she was able to realize brightly, professionally, efficiently. And from the very first minutes of viewing, the audience understands that they are not seeing an ordinary movie on the screen. Rather, it is a unique author's find, which managed to realize no worse than, in fact, the very idea.
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