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Favorites Lap Dance (2014)

Lap Dance (2014)
Year, country:
Greg Carter
Briana Evigan, James Remar, Stacey Dash
1h 40min
Full movie: Lap Dance (2014) |Drama|HD 720| The main character, Monica, a talented dancer with beautiful posture and gorgeous hair, becomes a hostage to a difficult situation. Her loving father is a cancer whose disease has not invented a cure. But there are several ways to recover, expensive ways. However, the Monica family does not have enough money to pay for treatment.

Monica gets a good offer to dance in a nightclub, earning big money. A young girl becomes a moral choice between an honest name and the health of her own father. She enters into a contract with her spouse, but when the contract is violated their lives change forever. Gentleman's club, in which Monica works, will be the backdrop of a serious relationship between lovers.

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