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Favorites Night School (2018)

Night School (2018) HD
Night School (2018)
Year, country:
Malcolm D. Lee
Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Keith David
1h 51min
FULL MOVIE: Night School (2018). More recently, Teddy Walker lived happily and calmly. Working as a salesman, he managed to save money and buy himself an expensive car. Next to him was a real beauty - Lisa, whom the main character of the comedy film "Evening School" was planning to marry. There was also a great prospect of becoming a manager. All of this shattered into small pieces, when the hero decided to make Lisa a marriage proposal. The store room seemed to him the right place - Walker was there and was going to have a gala dinner. But at the crucial moment, opening a bottle of champagne, the guy provokes a powerful explosion, destroying all the equipment. Fortunately, Teddy and Liza were not injured, but now the unfortunate seller owes the director a hundred thousand dollars. The sum is too heavy for him, but he still has a chance not to go to jail. The hero is trying to get a financial advisor to the firm's best friend. However, an obstacle arises: he did not graduate from school, and to occupy a responsible position without education will fail. Following the advice of a friend, Teddy enrolls in night school, where he is going to pass the necessary exam. The life of the hero becomes more confusing when the charming Kerry appears in her - his teacher.
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