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Favorites SuperGrid (2018)

SuperGrid (2018) HD
SuperGrid (2018)
Year, country:
Lowell Dean
Leo Fafard, Marshall Williams, Natalie Krill
1h 20min
The onset of the future was not so bright as it was expected to see. And it's not a terrible virus or alien invasion. People themselves made a situation on the planet close to the apocalypse. In this science fiction movie, the scene is Canada. It is here that gigantic conglomerates inexplicably grew, earning huge money on mining from the bowels of the planet minerals. As a result, the Canadian state turned into one solid desert, scorched by the flame of war. Surviving on such ruins of civilization was simply unrealistic, but it was necessary to somehow get out. And now two brothers are forced to make the journey through this deserted square. The movie SuperGrid (2018) you can watch online after the premiere.

What guys have suffered in such an extreme voyage? They just got into trouble, hooked to the powerful mafia. As a hostage, the villain took their sister, and promised to brutally crack down on the poor thing if his orders were not fulfilled. Of course, the guys didn’t have guarantees of the deal, and there was still a risk of being killed, and my sister wouldn’t get safe and sound. However, sitting idle was also not an option, so the men gathered and hurried on the road. On the instructions of the mafia, they had to travel along a dangerous route, and deliver an unknown cargo to the border. What exactly they would have to carry was not told to the involuntary couriers, but they were given a strictly limited number of hours. Of course, they will not be able to just get in the car, and safely reach the destination. Along the way, they will be attacked by road pirates, entire rebel detachments and other robbers from the main road. In addition, companions risk quarrel with each other.
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