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Favorites The Princess and the Dragon (2018)

The Princess and the Dragon (2018) HD
The Princess and the Dragon (2018)
Year, country:
Marina Nefedova
Irina Kireeva, Konstantin Kozhevnikov, Ani Lorak
1h 15min
The plot of the cartoon "The Princess and the Dragon":
Little princess Barbara has always dreamed of getting into a real fairy tale, not knowing where to find the door to the secret world. Most of the time the girl disappeared into the royal library, rereading all the books found there. And one day, one of the literary works in a mystical way moved the young princess into a real fairy tale.
In the new reality, Varvara everything seemed strange and unfamiliar, but openness and friendliness helped her to quickly find new friends. And after she became aware of the immense danger looming on them, the princess simply could not leave them alone with the problems. Only having overcome a great danger and defeating the dark forces a girl could think about returning home. She could not forget about her duties at her own royal court, but worries about the fate of the new comrades did not leave the little girl indifferent. Only a complete victory over problems and dark forces could guarantee a sense of complete security for the little inhabitants of the fairy kingdom. Barbara did not even think about her own security in such a difficult situation; she felt responsible for the fate of her fabulous comrades.
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