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Venom (2018) HD
Venom (2018)
Year, country:
Ruben Fleischer
Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed
1h 52min
The greatest fear for mankind in the future has become the invincible and powerful Venom. The horrendous creation of alien origin was not able to act independently, therefore it used people in its activity. Settling in any chosen person, it endowed him with immense strength and power, equal to which did not exist. Only each carrier completely lost his will and control over consciousness, turning into a slave creature and a kind of murder weapon.
Journalist Eddie Brock was not ready for significant changes in his own mind, but he was simply deprived of the right to choose. Venom, who settled in it, diligently enveloped his mind and prepared huge provocations. In the event of his victory on the unfortunate man, it was possible to finally put an end, because there was no return for him.
Understanding the ambiguity of the situation, Eddie decided to do everything possible for his own salvation. He struggled to confront the powerful adversary, making great efforts to control his own mind and mind. No one could help him in this fight, only the internal strength of Brock could save him or fall under the onslaught of Venom.
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