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Favorites California Dreaming (2017)

California Dreaming (2017)
Year, country:
Brandon Slagle
Bronwyn Carrie-Wilson, Devanny Pinn, Louis Mandylor
1h 23min
Description of the comedy film California Dreaming (2017) "Escape from Ensenada":

A planned trip to a foreign country can end in an absolutely unpredictable and very unpleasant manner. Longtime friends or relatives gather in small companies and go on a journey to explore the sights. They are going to relax in beautiful places, have a good time, enjoy new impressions and a lot of interesting information. But even having fun and carefree fun, you must not lose vigilance. Sometimes unforeseen situations arise that require an immediate response to a complex situation; one should act without hesitation, not linger, but effectively and very productively; any delay can result in tragic consequences. Sometimes lives are endangered, which was not intended at all in the planned scenario of upcoming adventures.

Two girlfriends live in Southern California, living a normal, energetic, diverse life. One day they come to mind a brilliant idea about organizing a joint trip and a great summer vacation during a trip to Mexico. But the supposedly amusing pastime turned into tragic incidents unforeseen. During the long-awaited cruise on the travelers, the merchants with live goods unexpectedly attack and kidnap pretty girls for the purpose of further, lawless exploitation. In order to escape from captivity, friends will have to study the environment in which they were forced to be well developed, in order to carefully develop an algorithm of subsequent actions for escaping. If you do not hurry, there is an opportunity to remain forever in the hated captivity.

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