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According to Ben Adams (2018)
Year, country:
Bramwell Noah, Dan Noah
Daniel Schepisi, Chloe Ng, Allan V. Watt
1h 45min
The Devil is in a very unusual mood inspired by the lack of diversity in the long-suffering, monotonous life. The lord of the otherworldly world has become incredibly dreary to exist in a familiar atmosphere, where nothing extraordinary happens and fascinating. The bored leader of the unclean can not deserve to come up with fun, to overcome a capable centuries old bitch. For thousands of years, he has been continuously creating monstrous things, showing great fantasy in choosing cruel torture and all kinds of bullying. For a long time without impassable atrocities, he managed to see a lot and realize a huge amount of insidious plans. It was supposed that it was impossible to surprise a mighty, omnipotent villain with something special and unprecedented, since such simply remained in the world of people. After long, tedious reflections on making any cardinal changes in their existence, capable of provoking new emotions and sensations, the Devil decides to act a bit strange. He committing means in a human form an illegal act, which will draw attention to the absolutely vigilant law enforcement agencies. Then the villain will allow himself to be arrested and put into the hands of justice to see the consequences of a series of actions taken. A well thought out plan succeeds in turning out successfully. The attacker is in the hands of the police, who after a short stroke of a strange criminal in a psychiatric clinic, where his very awesome acquaintance expects. A newly discovered patient is found in the walls of the clinic with a person convincing those around him that he is the true Christ.