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Dealt (2017)
Year, country:
Luke Korem
Richard Turner, Johnny Thompson, Max Maven
1h 25min
Richard Turner - absolutely blind, sixty-two-year-old ingenious gambler, who lived an unusually interesting, eventful life. His biographical history, from an early age to an advanced age, has become very instructive and inspiring to the decisive actions of other people who have dropped their hands before their own problems. A virtuoso, unsurpassed card trick professional has lost the ability to see the world from the moment of birth, so it relies solely on other feelings that exclude visual perception of reality. Watch free movie biography, documentary Dealt (2017) online. His fate was not very simple due to a serious physical disability. An innate problem that limits the scope of the blind person's abilities did not prevent him from making progress in the chosen sphere of activity. He was able to realize the existing internal potential in a very unusual occupation, which enabled him to find a destination in the big, troubled world of show business. The man managed to win worldwide fame as an unrivaled magician, performing brilliant manipulations with a card deck. To achieve great success and universal appreciation, it took a lot of effort, extraordinary perseverance and zest for life. He never before the emerging did not give up the difficulties, deliberately forward to the set forward goals. Now the elderly virtuoso gambler continues to demonstrate a unique skill that is unachievable for many young representatives of this area of activity. For many years, dedicated fans are trying to unravel the secret of the amazing, amazing imagination of their idol.