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A Kid Like Jake (2018) HD
A Kid Like Jake (2018)
Year, country:
Silas Howard
Priyanka Chopra, Ann Dowd, Claire Danes
1h 32min
A small, four-year-old Jake involuntarily becomes a participant in the dramatic events surrounding his unfolded persona. An unusual child has some features of development that radically distinguish him from his peers. He differentiates the boys from the others in deeper abilities to cognize everything new and a strange preference for dressing as a princess. Soon the baby will have to define the kindergarten in a prestigious place, when enrolling in it it is necessary to show not only ingenuity and attentiveness, but also one's own individuality. It is the last criterion that causes caring parents special attention and excessive zeal, which unexpectedly leads to unpleasant consequences, which threatened once-successful family relationships that were seriously tested. A married couple until a certain moment lived happily, with pleasure raising an adored son. Greg is professionally engaged in psychology, so he is well versed in human behavioral characteristics. Alex has a law degree, before the birth of the first child was a successful lawyer, later leaving a career to become an exemplary housewife and a loving mother, devoting all her free time to raising a baby. Jack grows in ideal conditions created by educated, caring parents. Soon, adult members of the family notice some gender deviations in the behavior of a boy playing with dolls dressing up in fabulous fairies. They decide to put their son in a private place, a children's institution, to fix an unconventional situation. Such a decision only aggravates difficult circumstances.